Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Free Choice Friday

Almost every Friday at the end of the day we are given time to interact socially over a variety of games and activities.  Needless to say we love learning to read, write, and do math but we love socializing and working with our friends in a non structured setting.  Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our Free Choice Friday.

Creating a mansion with Lego. 
The boys took into account windows, air conditioning, and the need for different rooms.

Creating with Kinnex.

 Using teamwork to create a tower structure.

 Role playing in the house/dramatic play area.

 Exploring our creative side.

 Super proud of his new creation. 

Working on a special project.

As you can see from the pictures we all like different activities.  What would you do if you were given Free Choice Friday time too?

Are you curious about the red flowers many of us are wearing?  These pictures were taken on Thursday, Nov. 10, the day before Remembrance Day.  Those flowers are called poppies and they are worn to help us remember all the brave soldiers that fought and lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

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