Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hot Dog Tag

Last week in gym we learned a new game called Hot Dog Tag.  To play the game  children are chosen to be "it".  Those children run around tagging the other children.  When you get tagged you must drop to the ground and pretend to be a hot dog.  The only way you can rejoin the game is by having two friends act as buns around you.  One lies down beside you on your left side, and one lies down beside you on your right side.  When that happens all three of you are free to run around again,  trying hard to avoid getting tagged again.  We want to thank Ms. Baldry and Ms. Sutherland for teaching Ms. Lirenman and Ms. Benjamin this super fun tag game.

 Oh no!  We've been tagged and are waiting for our buns to arrive.

 Hot dog and buns in action!

 Lying still to free a friend.

 Friends helping friends get free.

Time to get playing again, we're all free.


  1. We are so glad you had fun playing hot dog tag! It is one of our favourite tag games. We can't wait to share more games with you!

  2. Ms. Baldry we are so glad you shared the game with us. If you check out our individual blogs you'll see that many of us wrote about hot dog tag. Maybe next time we can share one of our favourite games with you and your class, although right now hot dog tag is our favourite game!
    Thanks for the comment Ms. Baldry.