Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Learning Something New

As part of our Flat Classroom project the first thing we will be doing is introducing ourselves to the other classes in the group through a digital hand shake.  Our digital handshake will be shared with our group - we are in Group 2 - and with other classes in other groups in this special project.

Unfortunately because of job action followed so closely by our two week spring break we more than likely won't get our digital handshake done until we get back to school on March 26th.

In the mean time Ms. Lirenman has been looking at some of the completed handshakes and they are pretty amazing.  One handshake in particular inspired her to create this. Can you put it together?


  1. Hi Ms. L and Division 16
    We did your puzzle and we thought it was hard. It's a fantastic idea. It is a beautiful picture.
    We like your blog.
    Miss Lawrence and 1/2A
    Victoria, Australia

  2. Dear 1/2A, thank you for building our puzzle. Did the puzzle get easier as you got closer to finishing it? We are glad you tried our puzzle. From Division 16