Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Busy First Week of October

September is over and now we move forward with the month of October.  Ms. Lirenman has a lot in store for us this month.
If you remember four weeks ago we started Quad Blogging with schools in New Zealand, and the U.K. We visited one of those blogs each week and left them comments.  This week it's their turn to visit us. Hopefully they will leave us a lot of comments too.  If you don't remember who is in our Quad Blog be sure to check the Quad Blogging tab at the top our blog.

But, it's not just our Quad Blogging week to host visitors, this week we also start our Primary Blogging rotation.  This month Primary Blogging is a lot like Quad Blogging in that three classes visit one class, and each week the focus class changes.  This week in Primary Blogging we are the focus class too, which means our Primary Blogging friends are ALSO coming to visit us this week.  What a crazy week it will be.

But that's not all of what is happening in our class this week either!  October 1st is the start of the Global Read Aloud  (GRA) and we are participating in that too.  But how you might ask? What does a Global Read Aloud look like?

A Global Read Aloud is where teachers around the world read the same book to their students over the same time period.  This year the primary GRA book for primary children is Charlotte's Web.  On Monday we will be Skyping with Mrs. Wideen's class in Ontario. We will be making predictions on what we think the story will be about.  On Thursday we will be reading chapter  5 via google hang out with Mrs. Sarchet, Mrs. Leech, and hopefully Mrs. Wideen's .  Mrs. Sarchet and Mrs. Leech teach in Surrey just down the road from us.

We will also be connecting with students in Manhattan, NYC through "snail mail".  We will be making Flat Wilbur's and taking pictures of ourselves with our flat Wilbur's around our community.  Ms. Lirenman is then going to send those pictures to the school in Manhattan and they are going to send the same things to us.  We will be doing other activities for these children as well.

So while September is over, there are a lot of exciting things happening in October!  Be sure to keep checking this blog so see all the exciting things we're up to.

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