Saturday, 22 September 2012

Exploring Numbers and Number Sets in Math

This past week we've worked our way through four different numeracy rotations.  In part Ms. Lirenman wanted to see how we worked together in small groups, but she also wanted to see what we knew about numbers.

In the domino station we had to look at and count dots on a domino and place it in the right number pile.  While doing this we realized that the same number can look very different depending on where the dots were located.  Here is a video of one of us hard at work.

In another station we chose a number then created something from Lego using exactly that many pieces.  We made four different objects with the same number of pieces.  Ms. Lirenman had a great video of Roc talking about his different Lego creations for the number 11 but for some strange reason the video does not want to upload to this blog post. Thankfully there are some pictures of several of us creating number sets with Lego.

In our third station we used iPads and the ShowMe app to write and illustrate numbers.  Then we recorded our voices talking about what we did.  The cool thing about the Show Me app is that it makes little videos of our work.  Here are a couple of our videos.  In the future when we get our individual blogs up and running we will be able to put these videos there too.

This is what we look like while we are using the Show Me app.

Our final rotation was the "drill and practice" rotation where we worked on paper math.  Here we were illustrating number sets for specific number words.  We have to be able to read the number words to draw the correct number of objects.  We also practiced writing our numbers.

How are you learning about numbers? We'd love to hear your ways too.


  1. Hello Division 18!

    I was just admiring all of your math centres! They look like so much fun. I think I will set up some similar centres in my class. I teach a group of grade 1s in Surrey, do you think they will be able to have as much fun learning math as you? What was your favourite station?

    Ms. Dickinson

  2. Eldon, Sukhleen, Lucas, Sarah, Maryam, Kaleb, Elma, Jaydan, Nicky, Roc, Angelo, and Jeevan all liked the iPad station the best. Thanks for asking. Ms. Lirenman and Division 18