Friday, 1 February 2013

Jobs in Our Community - Bakery

This afternoon Recardo's mom came in to talk about her job in a local bakery. Did you know that she goes to work at 3 or 4 am most mornings? That's when most of us are still asleep. While she's at work she makes dough with flour, water, salt, and a little oil. After she mixes the dough she lets it rise for a couple of hours. The dough she makes is used for many things including pizza. She told us about how she makes a special sauce then adds special ingredients to it. We also learned that some times she has special orders for special pizzas. We were very lucky because she brought us each a small pizza to try. Mmm mmm good.

Her favourite thing about the job is when she gets to make sweet baking because it includes chocolate. Her least favourite thing about the job is working in front of the hot oven in the summer months when it's already warm enough.

We are very glad that she shared her job with us.

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