Book Suggestions from Us to YOU!

During the 2015-16 students will be adding to this padlet on many different days of the week.  To add to the padlet from home double click on the cork board below. In the top part of the box (the red writing) write your first name, and date. In the black typing part write the title of your book and add a little review.  It works great if you upload a picture of the front cover of the book too.  Ms. Lirenman will explain more in detail when we are together.

We won't be able to help ourselves share the great books we are reading so be sure to check back often!

Ms. Lirenman

The padlet and information below is from the 2014-2015 school year.  

Thanks to the inspiration from Ms. Lirenman's friend Mrs. Ziemke every Monday we add to a padlet and share the books that we are reading.  If we are ever away from school on a Monday please feel free to add to the padlet too.  Here's what we've been reading so far. Check back often though as it's updated most weeks.

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