Apps We Use

Apps that Document with Photos

  1. Pic Collage  - photo collage making app example
  2. Skitch - an annotating app example
  3. Popplet Lite - an annotating app example

Apps for Drawing

  1. Doodle Buddy - drawing app
  2. Drawing Pad  - ($) drawing app example

Apps for Screencasting

  1. Educreations - a whiteboard app that allows you  to either record as you draw explaining your thinking along the way, or record after you’ve drawn. It saves to a website but gives an embedding code.  example
  2. Show Me - a white board app that allows you to either record as you draw explaining your thinking along the way, or record after you’ve drawn (saves to a website, requires computer web access to get embedding code)
  3. Explain Everything - ($) a fully loaded screencasting app. example 1 example 2, example 3

Apps that Document with Photos and Voice  

  1. 30 Hands - allows you to draw, add images, annotate, and add voice. Saves to the camera roll.
  2. Educreations- see above
  3. Chatter Pix - import a photo and create a mouth that allows it to speak
  4. Draw and Tell -  ($) Draw, use moving stickers, upload photos and add voice. Saves in app and can easily be saved into the camera roll. patterning example number story example
  5. Explain Everything - ($) see above

Apps that Tell Stories

  1. Book Creator - ($) book writing app that allows you to create books. samples
  2. My story - ($) book writing app that allows you to draw, type, and add voice to a book. sample

Apps that Record Voice

  1. Audio Boo - voice recording with online storage. Requires an account to save.
  2. - voice recording app which provides a link to recording (needs a place to store link once created)
  3. Voice Record - voice recording app which saves in a variety of formats (saves to iPad camera roll)

Apps that Create Movies

  1. Videolicious  - uses images and creates a movie with a narrator sample
  2. iMotion HD  - stop motion animation
  3. iMovie -  ($)huge potential for creating movies example
  4. Green Screen - by DoInk ($) - green screen iPad app

Other Apps

  1. Telligami - Create an avatar and have it talk about your learning example
  2. Haiku Deck - a presentation app that allows students to find creative commons, requires an account example

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  1. Thank you for this list! I am new to technology with Ipads in the classroom, so I was looking for a place to get started. I will happily go and explore some of these apps. I am looking forward to inspiring my class with new ways to show their learning! My Best To You! Tina in Riverside, CA