Friday, 9 September 2011

A Little Look Around Our Classroom

For those of you that are not able to visit our classroom Ms. Lirenman decided to post a few pictures of it.

 A view from our outside door looking in.
The two black boards above the coat hooks is our Word Wall area.
Over time those boards will be filled with words to help us with our reading/writing.

 A view from Ms. L's desk just inside the inside door looking out to the classroom.

 A view from just inside the inside door looking into the classroom.

A view from the cloak room looking out towards the classroom. 

A view of the library/writing area from the meeting carpet. 

 Another view of the library/writing area looking from beside the class rainbow table.
Under the abc cover are our class games such as lego, Marbleworks, Kinnex, felt board, and puppets. 

 A view of the writing supply area and math equipment tubs.

 A view from the reading/writing area looking towards the class meeting area. 
The big white board is a portable interactive white board that is  in our room temporarily.

Another view from the library/writing area towards the rainbow table and meeting area. 

Some of our class library books, and a view towards our inside door.

Our literacy tubs and notebook storage.
There is also a sneak peak of our calendar that is behind the interactive white board.
(This photo was taken earlier in the week before furniture was moved slightly).


  1. What a great idea! Good job Ms. Lireman!


  2. Hi Division 16 and Mrs L
    You guys are lucky to have a classroom that looks so full of interesting things. Your reading library looks amazing - so many books. We think you will be fabulous readers if you get to read lots of those books from in the tubs and on the shelves. Do you take the books home or are they just for at school?
    From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson