Saturday 29 June 2013

Games Day

Last Thursday was Games Day.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate at all. It was pouring rain! But instead of cancelling the day, the teachers modified the activities so we had it INSIDE instead.

Here are some photos from our games day.

Our Global Scrapbook Pages

This past week Ms. Lirenman was in Texas at a conference called ISTE.  One of the things she brought with her to the conference was the global scrapbook we have been working on.  She passed it on to a teacher from Australia.  Here are some pictures of the pages we added to the global scrapbook.

Friday 21 June 2013

Letters from Guatemala

Back in May we each wrote letters to students in Guatemala.  Last week Ms.Lirenman  heard that our letters arrived safely but nothing had arrived for us. Ms. Lirenman was starting to get a little worried too because she was leaving us a week early to head to a conference in Texas. If you can believe it they arrived on Ms. L'S very last day with us. It was a games day too so we had very little time together as a while class.   Here are some photos of us reading our letters and wearing our special gifts.

Monday 17 June 2013

A Wonderful Day at Crescent Beach

Today we spent the day at Crescent Beach. Before we left school we reviewed our wonders about the beach with the hope that we would find answers to our wonders while we were there.

 Lucky for us it was perfect beach weather too, sunny and warm but not too warm.  Here are some photos of our day.

When we returned to school we double checked our Beach Wonder Wall to see if we found all the answers to our questions.  And do you know what? We did!

It was a wonderful way to spend a Monday, our last Monday with Ms. Lirenman.

Sunday 16 June 2013

A Special Awards Ceremony

On Friday we met as a group and talked about all the successes we've had as a class this year.  We talked about how in September we really didn't know one another since we had come from five different Kindergarten classes but how we have developed into a school family. We care a lot about one another and we are there for each other.

For the past few years Ms. Lirenman has held a year end award ceremony to celebrate our year of success. On Friday we helped her prepare for this years ceremony. You see she isn't the only one that gives out awards, we all do.  In fact we are all going to receive four awards, one from Ms. L, and three from our classmates. We created the classmate awards.

Before we helped create awards we talked about how they needed to be specific to the person on the award. It was also stressed that they needed to be kept a secret until the actual ceremony next week.  This activity allowed us to think about our classmates and the many ways we are so proud of one another.

Here are a few photos of us in our secret spots writing up awards for our classmates.

Here are a few of the awards we wrote. We can't tell you who they are for yet though but you can see that we did try to write awards specific to a classmate. There are many more awards. 20 +20 + 20 + 20 = ? That is how many awards altogether.

Do you have a class awards celebration that celebrates many of the successes in your classroom?

Friday 14 June 2013

Things Don't Always Go As Planned

As you know we have been working on a special collaborative writing project with Mrs. van Rees's grade one class in Ontario.  We co created little book movies inspired by the book Good New Bad News.  Yesterday we were suppose to connect through video conferencing but things didn't work as they were suppose to.  Today we tried again but again things didn't work.

Ms. Lirenman and Mrs. van Rees put on their thinking caps and changed plans and set up a room in Today's Meet. The first three groups were able to chat back and forth in the room. While it isn't quite the same as hearing their voices and seeing their faces it was at least a way that we could still connect.   Hopefully we can connect the rest of the students before the school year is over.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Scoops and Hoops

Ms. Lirenman and Mrs. Morrison had planned for us to use the scoops outside on the school field but when we went to get the scoops we realized we didn't quite have enough for two classes. So they  decided to change the focus to scoops and hoops. There were 10 groups of four and each group had three scoops, one ball, and one hoop.  One person had to hula hoop while the other students passed the ball around the circle (triangle?). If they couldn't catch the ball with their scoop they switched places with the person with the hula hoop.  The game was a lot of fun. We all managed to hula hoop some and toss and catch some too. Here's what it looked like.