Thursday 9 April 2020

Potato Plants off to New Homes

Late last week five families adopted our potato plants. Here is what they looked like before they left Livingstone.

Hopefully the families will share photos with us so we can document the process. 

Salmon Release Day

This morning Ms. Lirenman got into the school to remove our salmon fry from our tank.

Look how great our fry are doing!

It wasn't easy but Ms. Lirenman was able to scope them all out.

I don't think they liked being in here but they didn't realize they were going to a better place. I did feed them while they were there too. 

Off to their new home. 

What a beautiful spot for the release.

Some of our families joined too.

You'll be happy to know that 53 of our 55 fry went off out into the ocean.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

A Potato Plant Check In!

Dear students,  while we were at home over Spring Break our potato plants were busy doing their thing.  If you remember when we left for the break we had only just planted our seed potatoes.  Look at some of them now.

I hope you noticed that I put a ruler beside each plant.  This will help with our observations of their growth over time.  If you have some time perhaps you can create a little recording book to document these changes until I'm able to get the book we have at school to you.

In the meantime,

keep safe!

Our Daffodils Are Blooming!

Children, do you remember in the fall we planted daffodils and tulips? If you get a chance visit the corner where we planted them because most of the daffodils are blooming. They add a real bit of happiness during these times.

If you're not able to visit I did take some photos yesterday afternoon.

Now we wait patiently for our tulips to bloom too.  Keep safe everyone! 

Salmon Update

Children, yesterday I was able to get into our classroom to check in on our Salmon.  You'll be happy to know that they are all doing well.  Right now under special circumstances, I am able to get into the school to check on their health and living conditions.  As long as this remains a possibility for me I am going to keep our friends safe in their tank to allow them to grow as big as they can and prolong their release into the wild.  Please know that our salmon get more love than most in the wild as we keep them in ideal living conditions.  Most salmon don't get this opportunity.  I will let you know when I'll be releasing them.

In the meantime, here are some photos I took yesterday during my visit.  They still are eating food that they have on themselves. If you look closely you might be able to see their little sacks. They have changed a lot since they first arrived in our classroom.