Saturday 1 September 2018

Some Changes Ahead

Ms Lirenman has taken a leap of faith and has accepted a teaching job within the Vancouver School District as of Sept 1, 2018.   As she navigates her new job in her new school district this class blog may remain quiet. Please note that Ms Lirenman can still be reached through the contact section on her professional blog . Although that blog has been quiet for a while too, she does hope to have it activated again soon.  Thank you for taking the time to drop by this blog.

Friday 8 June 2018

Games Day

While we usually don't come to school on Fridays, today was a special day at school so a few of us came. Do you know what day it was? Today was GAMES DAY!

The weather was colder than normal, and a little rain too but we still had a lot of fun moving from station to station on the grass field.  Here are some photos of the morning.

In the afternoon we were supposed to have grade level and colour team activities but the rain just got worse and worse so we stayed inside the classroom instead.

Do you have a games day or sports day activity at your school?

Friday 18 May 2018

Electrical Safety Day May 17, 2018

On Thursday May 17th it was electrical safety day in British Columbia.  We were fortunate to have someone from BC Hydro come and teach us a few things about how to be safe around electricity.

The three most important lessons we learned when power lines are down are:

1. Look up and down for safety hazards.
2. Call 911 for help.
3. Stay at least 10 m away.

Did you know 10 m is about the length of a school bus.  It is also the distance we are standing away from our classroom door in the images below.

Electricity brings us many things, but it's also something we need to be careful with.

Salmon Release Day!

Last week we went on a field trip to the Tynehead Hatchery.  The teachers at the hatchery were wonderful and we learned a lot more about salmon in general and about the salmon we have been raising for the past four months.  After a learning session and a tour, it was time for us to release our babies back into the river so they can begin their journey to the ocean.  What a wonderful experience we had.

Once we were done at the hatchery we had a bit of snack and went on a nature walk.  One of our classmates took the lead and shared many interesting facts about what we were seeing.  Our walk was close to 2 km but we were so busy walking, learning, and having fun that we didn't complain at all.  In fact, it even started to rain and no one noticed.  What a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Friday 27 April 2018

Ways to Help Our Enviroment

Over the Earth Day weekend, our home learning (also known as our Friday away from school learning day) focussed around an inquiry project into an issue around our environment or ways we can keep the world cleaner.  Again Ms Lirenman was totally blown away by the knowledge we all gained in the process and our ability to share our new knowledge with our classmates.  Here are just a few of our projects.

Student Led Conferences

This week we invited our parents into the classroom to lead them through a student-led conference.  Ms. Lirenman was quite impressed as we took control and showed our parents a few things of what we've been up to.  Before our parents arrived we practised for the conferences with one another.  Now that we are in April of school we were pretty good with sharing our learning with each other.  Here are some photos of some of us in action with our families.