K to Grade 2 Learning Links for Children

PLEASE NOTE: This page has been inactive for some time therefor there may be links that no longer work.

General Grade One/Two Learning Practice Sites


Numeracy Learning Links

Number Math Practice (Counting, Skip Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Mental Math)

Number Words Memory Match (number and number word matching)
Count Us In (number and number words)
Give a Dog a Bone (100 chart)
ABC Ya 100 Chart 
100 Hunt (gr 2 finding numbers to 100 ) 
Whack a Mole (skip counting by 1s)
Learning Planet (skip counting)
Connect the Dots (skip counting dot to dot by 5s and 10s)
Connect the Dots (skip counting dot to dot by 2s)
Skip Counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s etc (great for gr 2)
Ten Frame (using ten frame to understand +/-/number concepts)
Fun 4 the Brain (addition and subtraction)
Sumdog (addition and subtraction) - not set up yet.
Robin Doubles (adding doubles)
Dinosaur Dentist (adding near doubles)
Funky Monkey (20) (missing addends)
Math Match (+ and - practice)
Number Sense Games (various number concepts with many challenges)
Caterpillar Ordering (gr 2 Ordering Numbers)
 Puzzle Pics (addition to 100)
Puzzle Pics (subtraction from 100)
Monster Crossing (word problems)

Patterns and Relations (Patterning)

Olivia Octagon Let's Play With Patterns (copying patterns)
Pattern Paul (representing patterns in a variety of ways)
Complete the Pattern
Nasa Kids Club  (what's missing)
Count Us In - (create your own patterns)
Pattern Block Patterns (create your own patterns)
CBC Cyber Pattern Player (musical patterns)
Behind the Blob  (pattern problem solving)
Crazy Pattern Machine
Fun Brain's Number Cracker (growing number patterns Gr 2)
Code Game for Kids (growing/shrinking number patterns Gr 2)
Skip Counting for Growing Number Patterns (Gr 2)

Shape and Space (Measurement, 2D Shapes, 3D Objects)

2D/3D Shapes
Solid Figure Factory
Alberta 2D/3D Shapes
Teddy Bear Measuring
Animal Lengths
Animal Heights
FunBrain Measuring
More, Fewer, The Same
Count Us In (volume)

Literacy Learning Links

Discovery Education    user name:  sd36bc  password: children know it

Reading Links (places to read on line)

United for Literacy 
Tumble Book Library - log in SD36-BC, password SD36
Reading Activities by Reading Level - a special thank you to Mrs. Cassidy
Book Adventure
Oxford Owl
National Geographic Young Explorers

Writing Links (places to write online)

Kidblog -  class kidblog will be linked here once created.  


AudioBoo - a  website to record your voice .
Vokoroo - a website to record your voice - a web link is provided
Croak It - a website (and iPod app) to record your voice - a web link is provided

Web 2.0 Creating Tools (things we can embed onto our blogs)

Voki  (avitars)
Wordle  (word clouds)
Drawzit  (drawing tool)
AudioBoo (recording tool)
Xtranormal (making movies from your typing)
Kaywa (QR code creator great to share voice recordings on a blog)

Coding/Construction On-Line

Build with Chrome - creating with on-line Lego blocks
Learn to Code
Code Academy
Tynker - coding for kids ($)
Blockly Coding

Daily Physical Activity Links

Kinderchat Dance Symbaloo
Just Dance Disney by Ms. Hiebert
Just Dance 2
Go Noodle


PBS Kids
TVO Kids

Child Friendly Web Search Engines to Discover Interesting Facts


Ms. L's YouTube Learning Playlists

Skip Counting 
Basic Phonics


  1. We like how this is sorted. We can pick what to to easier.

    1. Thanks! Ms. L is trying to make the links easy for us, but organized by the content areas she has to cover as well.

  2. Have you tried tagxedo.com ? It is like Wordle but let's you pick shapes for your word cloud.

    1. I like tagxedo.com but I'm not sure it's something most grade one students can do independently.


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