Monday 23 January 2017

Salmon Check In

Once a day we have been checking in our salmon eggs.  We check the temperature of the water and look for unhealthy (or dead) eggs.  When we first received our eggs two were already dead and since then we've found three more dead eggs.  That was sad to learn about.

The exciting news though is that if our calculations are correct our little salmon eggs should turn into alvien later this week and the slowly swim their way into our redd (the big rocks at the bottom of our tank).  We'll keep you posted.

Here's what we look like during our daily visits.  We are thankful most of them are still healthy.  Did you know that in the real world only 1 and 10 eggs hatch.  We are doing our very best to keep the environment for them healthy in our tank.

Writing Around the Room

One thing that may be different in our classroom than your classroom is that we can write where ever we want in our room.  We don't have desks our assigned seating so we get to chose where we do our best work.  Of course sometimes our teacher steps in and helps us make those decisions but most of the time we make them on our own.  Here are some of the different places where we write.

Learning from Others

Each week we have home learning to do because we are not in school on Friday's so our teacher plans a day of learning for us.  We have options and can show our learning in different ways.  This past weekend, children either learned about light and sound, the water cycle, or ecosytems.  While Ms. Lirenma looks at all of our work, some of us were brave enough to share our work with the class.

If you're curious to learn about some of the experiments we did - and there are some really great ones -  re one of those three topics check out our blogs.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

We Have Salmon Eggs!

Today after recess our 55 salmon eggs arrived from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Here are some photos and a video of their arrival.  We are so excited to see what happens.

First she is inspecting our tank to see if we have set it up okay.

Our rocks for the Redd are good but we need to move them just a little bit.

Here we are learning the difference between living eggs and eggs that have died.  The living eggs are in the cup on the right side of the photo.

Here she is slowly getting ready for the eggs to be put into our tank.

Inside those tubes, we saw different stages of salmon development.  We are so excited to see how our eggs change over time.

When we were talking about eggs we learned a little bit about how they are different and similar to the eggs some of us eat.

And finally here's the video of our eggs being put into our salmon tank.

Check back often and we'll do our best to keep you up to date.