Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Identity Day

Today our entire school celebrated Identity Day.  For the first half of the afternoon many classes came to visit our class to see what we were up to. Then half way through the afternoon we switched and we got to visit many classrooms to see what they were up to with their Identity Projects.  For some of us it was the very first time we went to the intermediate side of the school.

Overall it was a great experience that allowed us to learn a little bit more about the people in our school.  Here are some photos of our Identity Day.

The Gold Room Field Trip

On Monday we were fortunate to be able to go on a field trip to the Gold Room where we met a gemologist.  He took the time to look at all of our precious gem collections and help us figure out what each of them were.  Then we got to go behind the counter and look at some of our gems under the microscope. We also looked at salt and sugar crystals under the microscope.  Did you know that even though salt and sugar look similar with our eyes, when you look under a microscope they look very different.  One is a perfect cube, and one isn't even close to being a cube. Can you guess which one is cubed shaped?

Here are some photos from our adventure.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Today Ms, Lirenman showed us four numbers and we had to decide which one didn't belong.  The numbers we were showed were 9, 16, 25, and 43.  At first, everyone was quick to say that they knew which one didn't belong. But when asked, it seemed we had a few different answers.  Some children said it was the 9, some said it was the 16, and others said it was the 43. We were confused.

Ms. Lirenman then asked us to explain our reasons behind the numbers we have chosen. Some picked the 9 because it was only a single digit number, some picked 16 because it was an even number, and some picked 43 because when you add 9 and 16 together you get 25 so it obviously didn't belong. Not so obvious right?  There were other answers too, all correct.

If you're curious to see more of these problems check out the Canadian website wodb.ca . Ms. Lirenman tells us we will be doing many more of these over the school year.

Planting Our Daffodils

Last Wednesday we spent our Wilderness Wednesday time planting daffodils in the front of our school.

First we had to remove the weeds we saw. Then we raked the soil to make sure it was ready for our daffodil bulbs. Finally we planted in small groups.

Here are some photos of us hard at work.