About Division 6

April 2020

Divison 6 is a grade 3/4 class in Vancouver Canada.  Our names are Aviva, Alex, David, George, Armaan, Rosie, AJ, Tiago, Otto, Elijah, Grayson, Dylan, Max, Sebastian, Tessa, Liam, Marin, Secha, Trudy, Sophia, Layna, and Matthew.  We are also lucky to have Jasmine and Bianca work with us on a regular basis too.

October 2019

Stay tuned.  Ms. Lirenman hopes this blog will be back up and running shortly! 

On Sept 1, 2018 Ms. Lirenman began to work for the Vancouver School District.  As she gets to know her new school district this blog may remain quiet. Don't worry, she'll be back sooner or later. 

The following information pertains to my kindergarten/grade one/grade two/grade three class during the 2016-2017 school year.

Division 17 is a multi-aged group of kindergarten to grade three learners.  Our names are Azelia, Ameera, Eva, Harleen, Jacob, Jaya, Keigan(moved), Landon, Laurence, Lucas, Max, Maxwell, Mya, Priya, Rian(moved), Ryan, Sajjad, and Sephora.  We are excited to share our learning with you.

The following information pertains to my grade one/two/three class during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Divison 16 is a multi-aged group of learners. Our names are Kai (moved), Oscar,  Harleen, Jaya, Safa, Rian, Aarna, Keigan, Nafay (moved), Tristan, Nik, Maori(moved), Priya, Landon, Shiaoching(moved), Kevin, Matti, Andy, and Bryson. We are excited to share our learning with you.

The following information pertains to my grade one/two/three class during the 2015-2016 school year. 

Div 15 is a multi-aged group of learners. Our names are Sajjad, Nafay, Nikhil, Safa, Shiaoching, Kate, Nolan, Quinton, Preston, Farhan, Grace, and Jesse. We are in a brand new program in the Surrey School district called SAIL.

The following information pertains to my grade one/two class during the 2014-2015 school year. 

We are 24 grade one and two students (one teacher) from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  We are excited to share our learning with you.


Grade One: Avneet, Ilene, Simar, Tanvir, Marvin, Amrit, Jayden,  Jasnoor, Danreet, Allison, Reyhan, and Sujot

Grade Two: Adam, Aneesah, Jaslehna, Jobanjeet, Avtar, Mya, Diego, Daniel, Carlos, Karamvir, Jasmehar, and Tyreese.

The following information pertains  to my grade one class during the 2013-2014 school year.

We are 24 grade one students (one teacher) from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We are excited to share our learning with you.

Sincerely Amaan, Camron, Marcus, Keeghan, Brenda, Aiden, Jessica, Jaslehna, Joban, Natasha, Jadyn, Simar, Mya, Diego, Seth, Brayden, Grayson, Daniel, Carlos, Karamvir, Julio, Arun, Karman, Tyreese, Yvonne,  and Ms. Lirenman

The following information pertains to my grade one class during the 2012-13 school year.

We are 21 grade one students (one teacher) from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  Ms. Lirenman is not sure where all our families have come from but she will let everyone know once she knows.  We are excited to share our learning with you.

Sincerely Ayyapan, Zahra, Maryam, Sarah, Nicky, Steven, Hannah, Angelo, Ali, Jeevan, Roc, Kaleb, Lucas, Catherine, Sukhleen, Eldon, Breanna (moved away), Elma, Kylie, Jaydan, Recardo, Yaksh and Ms. Lirenman.

The following information pertains to my grade one class during the 2011-12 school year. 

We are 18 grade one students (one teacher,  one S.E.A., and one teacher candidate)  from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  Our families come from countries all around the world including Canada, China, Korea, Iraq, Laos, Vietnam, Poland,  Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Russia. We are really excited to share our learning with you.  Please feel free to leave us positive comments.

Sincerely Paul, Huda, Jennica, Koden, Trista, Lawrence, Julie, Brooklyn, Soeun, Urim, Jesse, Alicia, Nicolas (moved away), Eric, Claudine (moved away), Marcus, Christine, Liliana, Adrian, Menura and Ms. Lirenman, Ms. O, and Ms. Will.


  1. Dear Division 16,

    I just spent my Saturday morning admiring your blog! I love your Blog Pet, and I made sure to water and feed him this morning.

    I really enjoyed our buddy time this week and hope you enjoyed creating some goals for the New Year. I also liked learning a little bit about how your IPad works. I think you all a pretty lucky to have such a cool tool in your class!

    I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you next week!


    Ms. Dickinson

    1. Dear Ms. Dickinson, thank you for visiting our blog. We love having buddies with your class and with Ms. Segec. We look forward to big buddies every week. Will you be back at school after Spring Break like Ms. Will? Do you know Ms. Will? From Division 16

    2. Dear Division 16,

      You bet I will be back after Spring Break. I will even get to help plan some of the buddy activities that you get to do with Ms.Segec's class! Ms.Will and I go to school together at UBC. She is a fantastic teacher and you are all very lucky to have her in your classroom.

      Be good!

      Ms. Dickinson

  2. I spent a lot of time looking at this blog... It is amazing!

    Great job!

  3. I just spent the day with your teacher learning all about how you use technology in your classroom. I had so much fun and learned so much. I can hardly wait to show my grade 2 class what I have learned! You are so lucky to have a teacher like Ms. Lirenmen. happy blogging!

    I'll check back to see what you are learning!

    From Mrs. Betts
    Chantrell Creek Elementary

  4. I am learning so much from reading your blog! It is so fun to read about what you are doing in your classroom. My students are doing very similar things in our class.

    I am starting a blog with my students. I will let you know when it is up and running!

    Mrs. Betts
    Chantrell Creek Elementary
    Grade 2 teacher

  5. hi I am Zhan-zhan I just say HI...

  6. Hi Zhan-zhan thank you for saying hi. From Hannah and Division 18

  7. Hi Division 18!!! Cheers from Argentina!!!

  8. Hello Ms. Lirenman,

    I'm a 3rd-year ED student at the University of Regina and I've been searching through several class blogs to collect ideas for my future classroom. I have to say that yours is the most thorough I've stumbled upon thus far. I especially like your page of "netiquette" rules for students and other people commenting on the site. I also like that there are explicit sections for both students and their parents. Connection with parents is obviously very important, so to create that line of communication digitally is a really good idea for them to be able to stay as current as possible with what's going on in their child's class. Keep up the good work and thank you for some great ideas!

    Mr. Lange

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This blog is certainly a labour of love for me. It takes a lot of my time to keep it up and running but it's time I enjoy spending. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your schooling and your career as a teacher. My one piece of advice is never stop learning because the moment you think you know it all you are further from the truth. Ms. Lirenman

  9. Hi Ms. Lirenman,
    Thanks for what a wonderful role model you are to teachers everywhere! I've been looking at your blog for ideas as I design the blog for my Library Media Center. I'd like to ask for permission to adapt your "Visitor's Etiquette" page to use on my own blog.
    Thanks again,
    Mrs. Andrada

    1. Yes, please use modify or share what ever you need from this blog. :-) Ms. Lirenman

  10. Hello grade ones! I was just looking at your blog and reading all your names. I've read with some of you - not all of you. I hope I will get to meet all of you and listen to you read to me. I am so amazed with your reading! You all read so well! So far I've read with Carlos, Arun, Keeghan, Camron, Simar and Mya! I have really enjoyed listening to you so far and I can't wait to listen to more of you read me books. I've really enjoyed the books you've chosen. I've listen to these books and more:
    In the Woods
    I Spy
    Phonics Wheels
    No David
    The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog
    Flyguy Presents Sharks

    and MORE! I look forward to reading with the rest of you :)


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