Grade 3 to Grade 5 Learning Links for Children


General Math (Games/Digital Practice)

Grade Level On Line Math Practice < There are many drill and practice math activities for you to explore on this website. Please be sure to select an appropriate grade level for you.

Prodigy < Game-based math learning. To begin follow the link and make your own account. When asked,  our class code is K4FQB9. You shouldn't need an email. Contact Ms. L if there are any issues. < Division 6 there has been some issues with our access code. What I have learned is when you sign up and use the code, even if it says it's an error more than likely you have an account. Message me in our team or have your parent email me and I can share your login information with you.

YouCubed Tasks < This is an excellent resource for higher-level thinking math. From this link select your grade and math topic of study and you will find different activities to choose from. This is an excellent place to support your math learning.


Financial Literacy

Coins of Canada Song
Saving Money Song





Multiplication Tables Practice Song <  Note there are MANY on YouTube to choose from
22 Fun Hands-on Ways to Teach/Practice Multiplication Facts
Circles and Stars Game <These are directions for a multiplication Game
11 Fun Hands-on Ways to Teach/Practice Division


A video that teaches about probability
A song that demonstrates the language of probability
TedEd Banana Probability Challenge
Three Spinners Challenge


Scholastic Literacy at Home
Currents 4 Kids < An current events article based literacy program. Ms.Lirenman has a personal log in for you. 
GetEpic < This is an online library. Email Ms. Lirenman for free personal access at home during the Covid_19 outbreak.
Raz-Kids < Another online library. Free access is now available. Sign up is required. 
Vancouver Public Library < While we can't visit the libraries right now they do have many digital and audiobooks that can be borrowed for a download.
Audible Stories < Right now Audible is offering free access to children's stories.  These are audio stories. 


Learning with Shel Silverstein < A complete unit of study exploring many popular poems and books written by Shel Silverstein
Jack Prelutsky Poetry
Cinquain Poetry


Brain Pop < Please email Ms. Lirenman if you would like the login code during COVID-19 away from school learning. There are a lot of great, student-centered educational videos on a variety of topics
National Geographic for Kids
Matter and Energy < This is a video playlist that will help you learn about Matter and Energy
Thermal Energy < This is a video playlist that will help you learn about Thermal Energy
Salmon <This is a video playlist that will help you learn about Salmon
Earth Rotations (and its effects) < This is a video playlist to help you learn about Earth Rotations
Biomes <This is a video playlist to help you learn about Biomes
Ecosystems <This is a video to help you learn about Ecosystems
Mystery ScienceThese are similar to the Mystery Doug videos we often watch in class.
Eureka < This is a YouTube playlist with many real-life physics examples.
Two Whats and a Wow< A high-interest scientific game show podcast from Tinkercast. Here's an activity page that you can be used with these podcasts)

Early Explorers to Canada <This a video playlist to help you learn about Early Explorers to Canada
Symbols of Canada < This is a video playlist to learn about symbols of Canada
CBC Kids Explore Indigenous Cultures in Canada < This is an excellent resource of student-centered articles explaining different aspects of Indigenous Cultures in Canada

Fine Arts (Art, Music, Drama)

Teach Kids Art <This website has many different art lessons you can try.
Art for Kids Hub <This is a YouTube channel that has step by step tutorials teaching you how to draw all types of different things.
Deep Space Sparkle <This is a YouTube channel that has many different art lessons tutorials to choose from
Drama Games and Activities for Kids

What Are You Doing?  <This is a simple but fun drama game you can play with your family.

Physical Education (at home)

Let's Get Active at Home <A wonderful collection of activities that can be done in your home that will help keep your body active.
Yoga with Adrienne (for the Classroom) <A yoga routine led by an experienced yoga instructor designed for children in a classroom
30 Jump Rope Tricks  <This is a collection of different jump rope tricks for those of you that have a jump rope at home.
OPEN 1 - Minute Fitness Challenges <A collection of fitness activities that you do for one minute. A great workout to get your heart rate up and your body strong. 
DANCEPL3Y<A variety of fun and engaging dance tutorial videos to some popular songs
OPEN PhysEd at home Calendar <This is a full month calendar with different physical activity suggestions for each day.  A great way to stay active in a fun and interesting way. Every day is different! 
Hip Hop Tutorials <This is a video playlist with hip hop dance tutorials.
GoNoodle < There are many different activities to keep your mind and body healthy. You will need to set up your own account to access the platform. 

Learning to Coding Resources

Swift Playgrounds:< This is a robust coding resource that leads you through an engaging tutorial to help you learn to code. It is available as an iPad app and a download for an Apple computer < This is an excellent resource of courses and tutorials to help you learn how to code. You are able to sign up yourself or you can reach out to Ms. Lirenman and she can create an account for you. 

Scratch < A fabulous place to experiment and create with code. Ask a parent/guardian to set up an account for you. 

Scratch Jr < This is a slightly easier platform for coding which is an iPad app.

Hopscotch <This is another iPad coding platform. Reach out to Ms. Lirenman if you would like a personal account.

Learning Challenges 

TED-Ed Riddles <These are the TedEd riddles we have been looking at in class. While many are too difficult for us to solve, they are a great way to get you thinking mathematically and logically.
KenKen Puzzles (Math) <This is an excellent place to utilize and practice your math skills. It works a bit like a Suduko puzzle. Be sure to self select your appropriate level of the puzzle.
NRich Primary Posters <These are math challenge posters covering various concepts to get your brain thinking and problem-solving. 

Additional Resources

Khan Academy <There are tons of lessons on many topic areas.
Wonderopolis <This is a collection of interesting topics to wonder about.
Kids Should See This Videos <This is a source for short videos on a variety of topics that children are interested in.
Book Creator in an Elementary Classroom < There are many different ways you can create with Book Creator (written by Ms. Lirenman too)
Austin's Butterfly <This video reminds us of how to give critical feedback.
Inventions that Shaped History <This TEDEd video playlist that explains why we have some of our inventions
Math in Real Life <This is a TEDEd video playlist that shows a variety of samples of math in real life.
Would You Rather <This is a series of images and questions to spark conversation
Scouts UK Great Indoor Challenges
100 Super Fun STEM Resources for Kids
Lego Club Activities
Lego Projects for Kids
Engineering Projects at Home
20 Vegetables You Can Re-Grow from Scraps
Basic Learn to Type Links  < Created by Lisa Highfill
Dance Mat Typing , , or < three different learn to type programs to choose from

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