Friday 27 April 2018

Ways to Help Our Enviroment

Over the Earth Day weekend, our home learning (also known as our Friday away from school learning day) focussed around an inquiry project into an issue around our environment or ways we can keep the world cleaner.  Again Ms Lirenman was totally blown away by the knowledge we all gained in the process and our ability to share our new knowledge with our classmates.  Here are just a few of our projects.

Student Led Conferences

This week we invited our parents into the classroom to lead them through a student-led conference.  Ms. Lirenman was quite impressed as we took control and showed our parents a few things of what we've been up to.  Before our parents arrived we practised for the conferences with one another.  Now that we are in April of school we were pretty good with sharing our learning with each other.  Here are some photos of some of us in action with our families.

Surrey Nature Centre Field Trip

This past week the K-3 SAIL students went on a field trip to the Surrey Nature Centre.  We did a lot of hands-on learning out in the sunshine.  Here are some photos from our adventure.

A big thank you to our school PAC for providing the funds to pay for this field trip and an even bigger thank you to the many families that were able to join us too!

Friday 6 April 2018

Spring Break Surprises!

Look what we came back from Spring Break to...

Daffodils (that we planted from bulbs)

And ..... SALMON FRY (that we have raised from eggs)!

Exciting times indeed in Division 17!

Musical Instruments

For our last home learning project before Spring Break we were required to create a musical instrument.  Ms. Lirenman was blown away by the effort we put into making our musical instruments.  Here is a small sample of some of the instruments we made.  Have you ever tried to make a musical instrument?


Potato Update

Over the two week spring break our potatoes grew a lot.  Now that we are back in school we need to "hill" around the stems to make sure they have support and we have to ensure the soil is moist. Here are a couple of photos of us tending to our potato plants.