Monday 30 October 2017

Pumpkin Inquiry Day

Today we spent the day inquiring and exploring about pumpkins.  Here are some photos from our day.  

Thursday 19 October 2017

Inside Recess

Yesterday it rained a lot all day long and so with the exception of Wilderness Wednesday we were inside all day long.  But as you know we are a very creative bunch.  Here are a couple of photos of what we got up to.

What do you do on your inside recess days?

Wilderness Wednesday - Creating Art with Nature

Yesterday the weather was really awful and we will admit some of us weren't that keen on heading outside for Wilderness Wednesday. But once we got outside and realized what our task was our minds were changed.  After checking in with our trees, we used our observation skills to collect artifacts from nature to create a rainbow.  Take a look at our process and our final product. What a great way to do learning, even when the weather is really, really wet.

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Wilderness Wednesday - Finding Colour in Nature

Today during Wilderness Wednesday we looked for colours in nature.  At first we weren't sure we were up to the challenge, but we quickly realized that nature is filled with colour.  Here are some of the colours we found in nature.

Next time you're in nature be sure to look around to see what colours you can find in nature.

Friday 6 October 2017

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Our Math focus for the first few weeks of school was on patterning.  Each grade level had different expectations to meet in order to show that they understood some principles around patterns.  As you were aware we also looked for and explored patterns in nature.  Below are a few photos of some of the different ways we were learning about patterns.  You will notice that there are some simple repeating pattern activities, growing patterns, shrinking patterns, growing and shrinking patterns, number patterns etc. In a multi-aged classroom, it is important that each child understand their expected learning intention, yet have an opportunity to work side by side with those on their own learning journey.  We all have arrived together into our class exactly as we should, and together we are helping each other become the best learners (in this case patterning experts) that we can be.