Tuesday 30 September 2014

Our Class is Finally Set!

Ms. Lirenman is super excited to announce that her 2014/15 class is finally set and ready to start their journey of learning.  This year our class will be made up of children from grade one and grade two.  There are 12 girls and 12 boys in our class.  There are 13 children in grade one and 11 children in grade two.  If you can believe it Ms. Lirenman will also be teaching eight of her students from last year and she can't be more excited.  As Ms. Lirenman collects our on line permission slips this blog may be a bit quiet for just a little bit longer.  Please check back often and follow along on this blog to see all the fun and adventures we will be getting up to.  Student blogs will be set up soon as well so be sure to check out all the learning that will be happening there too.

It's going to be an excellent year of learning! Please stop by often.