Friday 27 May 2016

A Sphero Challenge

This week we had a group coding challenge. We were required to build a maze for a Sphero then use the tickle app to block program the Sphero through the maze. We played with speed and angle numbers. Some of us were successful . We learned that it isn't easy to program but with perseverance, hard work, trial and error, we do become better programmers.

Learning about Jackson Pollock

This past week one of our classmates taught us about Jackson Pollock. We had a lot of fun painting in his style 

Learning about Michaelangelo

This week one of our classmates taught us about Michaelangelo . We gave sculpting a try too as we tried to recreate David's face. It was far more challenging that we realized. 

Van Gogh

We have been inspired by Van Gogh.

Friday 13 May 2016

Budding Artists

Div 15 has begun to study about different famous artists. Which artists do you like?