Friday 9 February 2018

Global School Day of Play

On Wednesday, Feb 7th we took part in the Global School Day of Play.  All day long (except during a scheduled Wed programming class) we played!  Ms. Lirenman didn't tell us what to do she just helped provide what we needed if we needed something from her.  The best part was that we could work in any of the SAIL classrooms.  There are only just a few pictures unfortunately as Ms. Lirenman doesn't have permission to put any of the other SAIL students on our blog.  Here are a few photos from the day.

Did you take part in the Global School Day of Play?

Valentine Hearts

On Thursday afternoon we worked on making hearts. We drew lines then played with red paint and white to create different shades of red. Our hearts are not quite finished yet but take a look at what we got up to so far.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

The Space Lab

This afternoon we were super fortunate to be able to spend some time in the Space Lab thanks to our wonderful parent group who raised money for this adventure. The Space Lab is like a portable planetarium.  While inside we visited many different planets and a learned a lot about the things in our solar system.  Here are some photos from our adventure.

Do you recognize any of these places from space? 

Friday 2 February 2018

World Read Aloud Day

Thursday, February 1st was World Read Aloud Day.  We took part in World Read Aloud Day by taking part in a Reader's Theatre with Mrs. DeGroot's class in Iowa.  How do you learn with a class so far away? Easy! We connected via video conference.

Here is a photo from our side of the computer screen. 

Have you ever read from a class in another country?

Coding with UME

The SAIL family is fortunate to be taking part in a special coding course put on by UME Academy.  Our focus has been on learning about game design and building our own games. For the past two weeks the k/1 students have been working in Ms. Lirenman's room.  Here are some photos from our adventures.

Be sure to ask one of us what we are up to in these photos.