Wednesday 31 October 2012


Wow, today was an action packed day and apparently Ms. Lirenman took close to 200 hundred photos or videos.  Obviously she can't put them all in one blog post or we would be reading all night long so she decided to make one photo blog post highlighting some of the things we did today.

We started the day off in the gym with four other classes ranging from Kindergarten to Gr 3/4. We were in multi aged groups and did several exciting relays.

Then we headed back to class to carve our pumpkin and work on our Charlotte's Web mural that we will be sharing with Mrs. Leech, Mrs. Sarchet, Mrs. Wideen's classes tomorrow as we meet for the very last time to talk about Charlotte's Web.

After recess we went to the computer lab to write a blog post and to check out the special Halloween page Ms. Lirenman put on our class blog.

After lunch we (including Ms. Lirenman) FINALLY got to put our costumes on. Ms. Lirenman read us a story and Hannah took a bunch of pictures of us. We tried cooked pumpkin seeds too.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Then we went to the gym for the costume parade with all the K-3 children in our school.  We saw a lot of great costumes.

After the parade we did some spooky and fun dances.  Ms. Lirenman was reminded that we are great dancers.

From there we headed back to our classroom for a bit of quiet reading, and using iPads to take snapshots of one another so we might be able write about our photos, or use them in a future story.

Finally our class party began where we got to enjoy the healthy and a few not so healthy treats that we brought from home.

It was a great day!  Do you celebrate Halloween at your school? If so, what did you do on this special day?