Thursday 27 February 2014

A Job in Our Community - A Realtor

Today one of our dads came in to talk about his job with us.  He is a realtor.  We learned about how he meets with grown ups to decide on the best price to sell a house at.  He showed us one of his listings.  A listing tells you how big a house is, how many rooms a house has, if it is near any schools, and of course how much it costs.  His favourite part of his job is the flexibility he has which means he can join us on field trips.  His least favour part of the job is that when he doesn't sell a home he doesn't get a pay cheque.  We are glad he talked with us today.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

A Day of Learning About Magnets

Today we began our day sharing what we think we know about magnets by creating this padlet.  You might want to scroll around a bit to see what we think we know about magnets.

Then we created a second padlet, this time looking at things we wanted to know about magnets.  Here is our second padlet of the day.

Then it was time for us to explore.  Ms. Lirenman had several different types of magnets for us to work with, and many things we could explore.  Based on what we wanted to know she created a list of items we could explore to get answers to our questions.  Some of us used magnets to make other magnets move. Some of us discovered that magnets could work under a table, or a chair, or even our hand.  We are a very curious bunch so to no surprise the room was buzzing  with discoveries of new learning.  After a bit of free exploration Ms. Lirenman regrouped us so that we could talk about our discoveries.  We then explored again looking for new discoveries.

After lunch Ms. Lirenman taught us a little bit more about magnets that we hadn't discovered yet.  We turned a nail into a real magnet that could hold paper clips. We then created our final padlet of the day explaining what we had learned.  As you can probably tell Ms. Lirenman helped us with the typing of this padlet.

Created with Padlet

We ended our day of magnet inquiry by creating our own blog posts. Please feel free to check them out on our student blogs under the tag science.

Monday 24 February 2014

We Took the Snow Clothing Challenge!

Mrs. Cassidy's class in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan has challenged people to see how fast they can put on their snow clothing.  Ms. Lirenman saw her challenge but since we don't get snow too often we really couldn't do the challenge.  But today we had snow and so we could finally take the challenge.

Take a look at how we did.  Not bad for some children who don't get to see snow too often!

Friday 21 February 2014

Jobs in Our Community - Vision Financial

On Thursday morning one  of our mom's stayed to share her job with us.  She works for Vision Financial. Her job entails many different things.  We learned that if you want to borrow money you can go to her and if your papers look okay she can lend you some of the bank's money.  We also learned that if you don't pay back the bank it's money she will call you to see why.  In addition she is the one that gets to see what's inside the back of the bank machine and she gets to make sure that the right money is there.  Her favourite part of her job is meeting so many new people each day.  Her least favourite part of her job is calling people who haven't paid the bank back, especially when she can understand that they are in a difficult situation.  

We are so glad she came and taught us a little bit about her job.  We are excited to have other family members share their jobs with us too.

Learning about a Potlach

On Wednesday, after a morning of exploring littleBits we had a second visitor.  This visitor taught us about aboriginal Potlachs .  We learned that they are held for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. We learned that it is customary to feed and give a gift to anyone who comes to your Potlach.

We learned that special clothing is worn.

We learned that people can arrive in special canoes. When they arrive they must raise their paddle and be accepted to the Potlach, even though they were officially invited.  We found that interesting because it is so different from what we do in our cultures.

After the presentation we worked on making paper button blankets.  Here is a photo of us working on them.  Unfortunately Ms. Lirenman went home sick so there isn't a picture of our finished products yet...

Have you ever been invited to a Potlach?

Wednesday 19 February 2014

little Bits

Today we were very lucky to have Mrs. Lim in our classroom  sharing littleBits with us this morning.  We learned about power, input, output, and electricity. We explored a lot and created different curcuits that did different things.  Here are some photos of our morning.  

Many of us blogged about the morning too so please check out our individual blogs as well under the science category. Karman has done a really good job explaining how they work through a video. 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Our Salmon Alevin Are Fry!

Today after music we went into Mme Kell's room to see how the alevin were doing. Last time we checked they were all hiding under the rocks and we had nothing to see.  Today was completley different and we were so amazed by what was in the tank now.  
We saw fry!

We also learned about the food they are eating now since they have gone through all their nutrients in their sac.  As you can see their red sack is gone now.  Right now Mme Kell is feeding them krill.  We got to see her feed the fry but they were pretty shy.  Mme Kell tells us that they will become less shy.

Here is a sample of their food.

It is pretty amazing to see how they are growing up right infront of our eyes. Stay tuned for more updates.

Go Australia Go!

Today at our Monday morning assembly we talked about the Olympics. Each class represented a different country.  We represented Australia.  We made special flags and dressed in Australian colours. We even broight a Koala and a Kangaroo with us to share.  Here is a picture of some us in our Australian colours.  

As a class we have decided to chear for Australia when ever we can, except of course when Canada is competing in the same event.  Canada first, Australia second.

So far Canada has 15 medals and Australia has three. 

Thursday 13 February 2014

The Goh Ballet

Today we were lucky. We got to see the Goh Ballet and they performed seven dances for us.  They also taught us about ballet.   

Here is a picture of the dancers who performed for us today.  One dancer is from Surrey, BC just like us and some were from as far away as Brazil and Japan.  

In the first dance the dancers had to move their feet very quickly.  They  made it look easy but we know it was very hard to do.

In the second dance two men were dancing for the love of one girl.  The men were funny. They made great faces and we could tell how they were feeling.  This dance made us giggle and smile.

The third dance was very modern.  The dancers moved like water.  This dance ended very suddenly which surprised us.  It was a very good dance.

The fourth dance was from Swan Lake.  Many of us have heard of that ballet.

The fifth dance was Puss and Boots from Sleeping Beauty. Some of us guessed the name of this dance.

The sixth dance was a ballet from Romeo and Juliet.

The final dance was the Red Ribbon dance.  This one was really exciting to watch.

Between each dance we learned a little bit more about ballet.  We learned about different hand and feet positions.  We learned that ballet started in France a few hundred years ago.  We even learned how to do some lifts.  

It was a great way to spend our morning.  So the next we are asked if we've ever watched  ballet we'll be able to say... YES!

Getting Ready for Valentines Day

This afternoon we prepared our special bags to collect our Valentines in.  Here is a sneak peek.

Meeting Mrs. Jackson

This afternoon we met Mrs. Jackson through the computer.  She lives in Regina and is just about to become an official teacher.  She will be working with our class a bit over the next few weeks.

We even met her dog!  She is just a puppy.

We had several questions for her.

We can't wait to work with her again.

Reading with Mrs. Dreher

Today Mrs. Dreher from the University of Regina read with a couple of us via Skype.  She will be joining us for a few more community reads this year.  It is always great to have an extra person to read with, even if they are two provinces over.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Our 100th Day of School in Images

This is what our 100th day of school looked like in images.

Division 19 Turned Old on Our 100th Day of School

Help!  Something happened to us on 100 Day.  We all turned 100 years old!