Friday 30 September 2011

Mini Us!

In September we made mini versions of ourselves.  Here are some of us in mini size.

This is Trista.

This is Eric.

This is Koden.

This is Jennica.

This is Paul.

This is Urim.

This is Claudine.

This is Alicia.

This is Julie.

This is Marcus.

This is Brooklyn.

This is Lawrence.

This is Nicholas.

This is Christine

This is Soeun.

The Month of September

I Here are some of our favourite things we liked in September.

Soeun - I liked the class stuffed animals.
Christine - I liked my new friends.
Koden - I liked the plastic train in our class.
Jennica - I liked doing writing.
Huda - I liked when we did our rainbows.
Nicolas - I liked the new friends I made.
Trista - I liked practicing handstands at recess.
Lawrence - I liked going for recess.
Urim - I liked gym.
Brooklyn - I liked computers.
Jesse - I liked playing outside.
Marcus - I liked it when we made the people.
Claudine - away today stay tuned.
Julie - I liked my big buddies.
Eric - I liked playing outside.
Alicia - I liked doing art.
Paul - away today stay tuned.
Mrs. O - I liked the Terry Fox Run
Ms. Lirenman - I liked watching my students work so hard at their learning.

What did you like about your month of September?

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Robert Munsch, Working on Writing, and The Smart Board

Today we read the story Put Me In the Book written by Robert Munsch. Usually Ms. Lirenman reads the story to us but today we had the computer read the story to us. 

 It wasn't just an ordinary person reading to us either.  It was Robert Munsch himself.  You can have Robert Munsch read his stories to you at home too.  All you have to do is go to his web site.  You can find it by clicking here. The Official Website of Robert Munsch

After the story we talked about why writers write.  Then we became writers ourselves and we started creating our own stories.  Here are some pictures of us working on our writing.





After lunch Ms. Lirenman got the portable Smart Board working in our room.  She's been having a bit of  trouble with it because the computer isn't always playing nicely, but thankfully things worked well for us this afternoon.  We managed to do some of our calendar routines on the Smart Board, and some at the traditional calendar.  Jesse was our special person so he had to move between the two calendars.


Overall it was another great day in Division 16.  Thank you for peeking in.  Please feel free to leave us comments.  We are excited to write you back.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Learning to Read

Division 16 is finally settled as a class after a few changes over the past week.  Now that we are settled we are focussing our attention on getting to know one another (we have come from eight different kindergarten classes), feeling comfortable in the classroom, learning routines, and getting SMARTER!  Ms. Lirenman wants us to be the smartest grade one students in all of SURREY!  Today we worked on Quiet Reading (reading by ourselves) and Noisy Reading (reading with a partner or two).  We were able to read by ourselves for 7 minutes straight.   Tomorrow we're going to try for even longer. Here are few pictures of us reading.





Friday 9 September 2011

A Little Look Around Our Classroom

For those of you that are not able to visit our classroom Ms. Lirenman decided to post a few pictures of it.

 A view from our outside door looking in.
The two black boards above the coat hooks is our Word Wall area.
Over time those boards will be filled with words to help us with our reading/writing.

 A view from Ms. L's desk just inside the inside door looking out to the classroom.

 A view from just inside the inside door looking into the classroom.

A view from the cloak room looking out towards the classroom. 

A view of the library/writing area from the meeting carpet. 

 Another view of the library/writing area looking from beside the class rainbow table.
Under the abc cover are our class games such as lego, Marbleworks, Kinnex, felt board, and puppets. 

 A view of the writing supply area and math equipment tubs.

 A view from the reading/writing area looking towards the class meeting area. 
The big white board is a portable interactive white board that is  in our room temporarily.

Another view from the library/writing area towards the rainbow table and meeting area. 

Some of our class library books, and a view towards our inside door.

Our literacy tubs and notebook storage.
There is also a sneak peak of our calendar that is behind the interactive white board.
(This photo was taken earlier in the week before furniture was moved slightly).