Tuesday 29 April 2014

More Tangible Play

As a class for the past few weeks we have been beta testing a product called Tangible Play.  We have played the Words and the Tangram games.  We like them a lot because they allow us to use real letter tiles and real tangram pieces that interact with their app on the iPad. We work together.  

For the past few weeks we have been sharing one set of equipment amongst all of us.  Today Ms. Lirenman had a big surprise for us. She had five more sets of the special Tangible Play equipment.  This picture shows you how many of us decided to use Tangible Play for our word work today. We are very lucky!

Later in the day a couple of us worked together on the Tangram app.

We really like Tangible Play because we can work together and cooperate.  It is pretty cool too.

Guess My Shape with Students in Texas

Today we played guess my shape with students from Ms. Sumrall's class in Texas.

Friday 25 April 2014

My Father's Dragon - Learning with Ms. DeGroot's Class

Today we skyped with Ms. DeGroot's class. We talked about our favourite parts from the book.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Creating Shapes

Today we played with wood sticks of different lengths and created some 2d shapes and 3d solids.  Here are some photos of us playing with shapes.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

We Planted A Tree

Today after recess, on Earth Day, our class and Mme Bailey's class planted a tree.  Here are some photos of us planting.

Mme Bailey was telling us about the tree and how important it is.  You can tell but the tree is in a tiny pot.  We took it out of the pot and put it into the really big pot. 

Final tapping of the soil.

This is serious us.

This is silly us! Can you tell the difference?

Monday 21 April 2014

Full of Beans - A Global Project

We will joining close to fifty other classes  documenting the  growth of lima beans.  We will be documenting our bean's growth on a shared wiki.  You can check out our page, along with the pages of the other classes by clicking on this link.   If you scroll down on the left hand side you will see our page.  Feel free to snope at all the other class pages too. It will be interesting to see how quickly or slowly our bean plants grow.

Friday 18 April 2014

A Grade One Book Club - My Father's Dragon

Ms. Lirenman has been reading us one chapter a day from a book called  My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett.  As she finished each chapter this week we were left wondering what would happen next. On Wednesday we made comprehension drawings to link our thinking  to what we might learn more about in the next chapter. You can check out these blogs on our individual student blogs under the "comprehension drawing" category.

Here is a sample of one of our comprehension drawings. Check out our student blogs for more samples.

The thing is  we are not the only class reading this book. We are part of a very large group of grade one students reading and commenting on the book. We are in a book club and it  even has it's own hashtag.  The book club was  created by Mrs. DeGroot a grade one teacher in Iowa.  We, and many other classes are tweeting our predictions, connections, and wonders to the the twitter hashtag #1bc14.  Tim Kaegl, a teacher whose class is also part of the book club made a map of all the classes participating.

Here are some of the tweets we've been reading and learning from. We can't wait to see what happens next.

Decorating Eggs

On Thursday we decorated eggs.

Wednesday 16 April 2014


Yesterday dairy cows came to our school and we learned a lot about them.  Here are some photos from their visit.

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Salmon Hatchery

Today the captions under each photo have been written by us.  Ms. Lirenman did the typing but we told her what to write.

This is Derek. He guided us through the field trip. He was really nice.  He taught us about salmon.  He was really careful with the stinging nettle.

We saw Fry in cups.  These are salmon when they are small.  We each got our own cup. 

We are walking our salmon to let it go in the river.  We are walking very carefully. We learned that we had to put our hand on the top of the cup so the salmon wouldn't jump out. We learned that we couldn't shake the water.

We are walking down the bridge to the water.

We are about to let the salmon go.

We are letting the salmon go.  Some of the salmon jumped out.

Derek told us the safety rules before we went on a trail walk along the river.

Derek told us that sometimes there are bears around and that they like to hid in trees.  So we took a peek.

These are the bears we found. They didn't scare us they made us laugh.

We walked past some tanks of salmon.  They were jumping a lot.

Then we watched a movie.  After the movie we looked into the fry troughs.

Then we went to see the Coho.  These Coho are free to swim out at any time.  We fed them these little small brown pellets.  When we threw the food in the salmon jumped to the surface to eat the food.  In this picture they are jumping.  Can you see them?

Before we went  home we took a group photo.  As you can see it was a beautiful day.

Thank you to all the parents that drove us and stayed and learned with us.  It was a great field trip.

Friday 11 April 2014


Most Fridays after recess we do yoga with Ms. Walia while Ms. Lirenman teaches her grade 3/4 students. Here's a little peek into our yoga.