Friday, 30 September 2011

The Month of September

I Here are some of our favourite things we liked in September.

Soeun - I liked the class stuffed animals.
Christine - I liked my new friends.
Koden - I liked the plastic train in our class.
Jennica - I liked doing writing.
Huda - I liked when we did our rainbows.
Nicolas - I liked the new friends I made.
Trista - I liked practicing handstands at recess.
Lawrence - I liked going for recess.
Urim - I liked gym.
Brooklyn - I liked computers.
Jesse - I liked playing outside.
Marcus - I liked it when we made the people.
Claudine - away today stay tuned.
Julie - I liked my big buddies.
Eric - I liked playing outside.
Alicia - I liked doing art.
Paul - away today stay tuned.
Mrs. O - I liked the Terry Fox Run
Ms. Lirenman - I liked watching my students work so hard at their learning.

What did you like about your month of September?


  1. Hi everyone. This is Trista's mom. Wow! You all have been so busy enjoying the first moth of Grade 1! It all sounds like so much fun!
    What did I like about September? Hmmmm.... I liked learning about each one of you in this cool blog. I also liked seeing your work and hearing about what you all have been doing in Grade 1.

    I also liked to see Summer turn to Fall. It will be Halloween before we know it!

  2. HALLOWEEN! We love Halloween. Thank you for reminding us that is is coming so soon.