Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Robert Munsch, Working on Writing, and The Smart Board

Today we read the story Put Me In the Book written by Robert Munsch. Usually Ms. Lirenman reads the story to us but today we had the computer read the story to us. 

 It wasn't just an ordinary person reading to us either.  It was Robert Munsch himself.  You can have Robert Munsch read his stories to you at home too.  All you have to do is go to his web site.  You can find it by clicking here. The Official Website of Robert Munsch

After the story we talked about why writers write.  Then we became writers ourselves and we started creating our own stories.  Here are some pictures of us working on our writing.





After lunch Ms. Lirenman got the portable Smart Board working in our room.  She's been having a bit of  trouble with it because the computer isn't always playing nicely, but thankfully things worked well for us this afternoon.  We managed to do some of our calendar routines on the Smart Board, and some at the traditional calendar.  Jesse was our special person so he had to move between the two calendars.


Overall it was another great day in Division 16.  Thank you for peeking in.  Please feel free to leave us comments.  We are excited to write you back.


  1. It looks like everyone is busy reading, writing, and learning in Grade 1! I love that interactive write board - looks like lots of fun for everyone! Sorry that you've been having trouble with it. I hope the computer plays nicely from now on. :-)

  2. Hi Division 16 and Mrs L
    It has been fun to look at your blog and see all the great work you have already been doing in your class. We get very frustrated when things don't work in our room too. We have the most trouble with our Internet. We like your 100's chart. We are learning to work with numbers on a 100 grid too. Are you learning about place value too?
    Congratulations on all your wonderful learning.
    From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson

  3. Dear Trista's Mom, Mrs. Nelson, and Room 3, We are having a lot fun. We are not doing place value right now we are just trying to find numbers on our 100 chart. We may do it later though. Thank you for visiting. Please come again. From Division 16 and Ms. Lirenman

  4. Hello Division 16,
    My class loves Robert Munsch books, too, but we haven't read "Put Me in a Book". Now, we want to make sure we read it, too.
    We have a Smartboard, too! We are learning about patterns right now, but soon we will be learning numbers, just like you!

  5. Robert Munsch is one of my favourite authors! Did you know that if you write to him as a class he will send you a story with your names in the story. It sure is fun to get mail.

  6. Dear Mrs. Cassidy and Mrs. Smith thank you for your comments. Mrs. Cassidy we liked your grade one class blog. Mrs. Smith thank you for such a great idea. We are going to write Robert Munsch so maybe he'll write us a story too. Thank you for visiting our blog. Ms. Lirenman and Division 16