Sunday, 18 December 2011

iPod and iPad Apps

Since the iPad arrived in our classroom two weeks ago several parents have approached Ms. Lirenman asking what apps she is using with us.  Here is a direct link to apps she likes for teaching and learning.  Most of the apps she has been using are free and are open ended to allow the children to explore at their own level or pace.  This is not a complete list and hopefully over time it will continue to be updated.  She has not listed any of the books that she has downloaded as this list could become quite exhaustive and is really the children's choice.

If your child has discovered an app that you think the rest of the class might enjoy to have on our class iPad or on Ms. Lirenman's iPod please let leave a comment or let her know directly.


  1. We use Storyrobe & Sonic Pics in our Kindergarten & Grade 1 classes. Students can take their own pics of their work or event and narrate.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Ms. Lirenman will have to look into those two apps.