Thursday, 1 December 2011

Letters to Santa

Yesterday, with the help of our big buddies in Ms. Segec's grade five class, we wrote letters to Santa Claus in the North Pole.  We were very careful to let him know how we are doing and we asked about him and his family.  We also let him know what we are wishing for for Christmas.

Today we addressed our letters into one big envelope and walked it down to the closest post box.  Here are some pictures of our journey to the letter box.

 Oops, that doesn't look right.

 That's better. We are excited and ready to go.

 Just left the school but half way to the mailbox.

 We made it!

 In goes the letter.

It's gone... into the box!

Now we wait until Christmas to see if he got our letters.  Sometimes though he writes us back so if we're lucky we'll get letters from Santa.  Stay tuned.....

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