Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mixed Nuts - Our First Field Trip

On Tuesday morning we traveled on a school bus to the Bell Centre to watch a ballet version of the Nutcracker called Mixed Nuts. It was performed by teenagers who spend most of their day dancing with their school classes fitting around their dance classes. Needless to say they were very good. Since it was our first field trip of the year we were pretty excited to be on a school bus. Ms. Lirenman was very pleased with how we behaved on it. When we arrived we waited, what felt like a long time, to get into the theatre. Once in the theatre we knew we were lucky because we had excellent seats. Since they were still seating other children Ms. Lirenman brought out the Class iPad and her personal iPod and we shared them both playing math games. We were really good about sharing the iPad and iPod as we passed them up and down the row. As the show was about to start we quickly put them away and settled into our seats. We didn't stir until the show was over. It was a really good show.


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