Sunday, 11 December 2011

Subtraction Stations

For the past couple of weeks we have been exploring different subtraction stations to help us better understand the concept of subtraction.

The first station was called Cave Math.  We had to choose our own number and create subtraction equations with that number.  Ms. Lirenman wanted us to put buttons in our hands (which were the caves). We then had to draw what we did AND write a number sentence for what we did.  Ms. Lirenman said it was really important for us to do, draw, and write the number sentences.

The next rotation was Take Away Red and Bue Bean Math.  Ms. Lirenman had beans that were red on one side and blue on the other. Then she had recording sheets for numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10.  We got to choose which number we wanted to work with.  If you chose seven you took seven of those special beans.  You shook them in your hand then dropped them on your desk.  You then coloured in the beans on the recording sheet to match what you saw.  After that you wrote a number sentence which was the original number take away the number of red beans which equaled the number of blue beans.  

The next rotation was Minus Drill and Practice.  It is what most grown ups remember doing in math when they were little.  We answered math questions using animal counters as needed.

The fourth rotation was Subtraction Booklets. We cut up subtraction number sentences and drew pictures to match the number sentences. 

 The fifth station was Bowl Math.  We once again got to choose what number we were going to work with.  Once we chose our number we got that many button counters.  We put some counters under a bowl to create different subtraction questions.  We then drew what we did and wrote number sentences to go with it.  We liked being able to chose which number we could work with so we all got to work where we are most comfortable.

The sixth and final rotation was Subtraction on the Computers (and the ipad when we got it).  Unfortunately Ms. L didn't take any pictures of us on the computers and she already posted the pictures she had of us doing math on the iPad.  However here is the computer link we used most often for our on line subtraction games.

We really enjoyed our subtraction rotations and we hope you enjoyed learning about them too.


  1. I remember bean math! This blog is neat.

  2. Wow,so nice to see you posting a comment on our blog Jessica. What was it 16 years ago when you were in my grade one class? I still really love Math Their Way which is where the red and blue bean math is from. Ms. Lirenman