Thursday, 7 March 2013

Learning with Duck Duck Moose

Today we were very lucky because the makers of our favourite app Draw and Tell skyped into our classroom.  At first we had a lot of trouble though because we could hear them but they could not hear us.  We have this trouble a lot but today it was the worst it has been.  Ms. Lirenman had us blog about what was happening while she tried to fix the problem.  Thankfully the problem got fixed when she restarted her computer.  We were very patient.

 Once we got our technology working Duck Duck Moose shared with us how they create apps. We learned about how they first talk to kids, and ask them what they want. Then they brainstorm ideas. Next they have ilustrators who draw the images, and they use animators to make images move. They record special music too. They use a lot of engineers to design the apps and program the special codes. Once the apps are ready they let classrooms try them out before they go on sale in the App Store. They even said if we lived closer to them they would visit us and ask us to help try them out. They live in California, we live in British Columbia.

After we learned about how to make apps we asked them some of our wonder questions. We wondered about how they made the pretty pictures, and told them some of the pretty pictures we liked. We wondered if we could take a photo right inside Draw and Tell. We wondered if we could type in Draw and Tell. We had many other wonders. They listened to all of us and answered our wonders.

Next we got to show them some of the things we've been doing on our iPads using their Draw and Tell app. That was pretty fun for us too.

When it was all finished we grabbed our iPads and blogged about the experience. Here is some of what we learned today.   Angelo Eldon  Kaleb Nicky Zahra  Please check out all of our individual blogs.

We are are very thankful for this opportunity even if our technology did not work for a long time in the beginning.  Learning with others is the best way to learn!

Thank you Duck Duck Moose for spending some of your morning with us. We learned a lot from you.  :-) 


  1. Oh, how exciting! We use Duck Duck Moose a lot! We made many patterns in our math unit using Duck, Duck Moose. You are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher that helps you connect with so many different people. Thanks for sharing with us!

    The King Cobras, Div. 12

    1. Thank you for reading our blog. We liked skyping with Duck Duck Moose.