Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Go Noodle

Today we Skyped with Go Noodle.  We use Go Noodle every day and we really like it. We asked Aaron from Go Noodle how it was made.  We had many questions and comments for them.  We also had some ideas for them to make Go Noodle even better.

Here are a couple of photos of us Skyping with  Go Noodle.

After the call we wrote blog posts to Go Noodle.  Unfortunately we weren't our best listeners during the call so many of us apologized to Go Noodle.  Here are some of our blog posts but you can read the rest on our individual blogs.


  1. Cool! I haven't try to use Go Noodle. I think I will try to use this one so that I can also recommend this one to my nephew. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool!It's great idea to use Go Noodle.It's really enjoyable.Thanks for sharing.