Thursday, 13 April 2017

Tynehead Hatchery

On Wednesday afternoon we went on a field trip to Tynehead hatchery.  While we were there we learned a lot more information about Salmon.   At first we spent soe time in a classroom looking at artifacts.

Then we got to explore the hatchery a bit.  We saw the tanks, where they keep the salmon eggs. We saw frozen salmon. We heard about the salmon we were raising and how they were just released back into river. We were excited to hear that they were doing so well.

After we were each given a bucket and one at a time we scooped fish into the bucket to release.

Then we walked down to the river to release them.

As we were leaving the river we also saw some of the outside holding areas as well.

As you can see we had a wonderful field trip.

Now if you live in the lower mainland and this is something you are interested in doing too guess what you can!

Tynehead Hatchery Serpentine Enhancement Society presents the SALMON SEND OFF. Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Tynehead Hatchery 16585-96 Avenue, Surrey BC.  There will be hatchery tours, concessions and more! You will be able to help them release salmon into the Serpentine River. All are welcomed!

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