Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Paper Airplane Challenge

For last week's home learning we were required to do a little research on paper airplanes.  We then had to design an airplane, prototype it, and then modify and fix it.  On Tuesday morning everyone returned to school excited to give their plans a fly except we had to ground all the planes due to weather.  Thankfully today we were able to fly our planes.

To make the contest fair, each child was given just one chance to fly and everyone had to send off their plane from the same spot.  We then used a piece of string to measure how far our planes traveled.  There were some very long, and some not quite as long strings when we were done.  We then took all the strings and taped them to one spot to see whose plane traveled the furthest based on the length of the string.

While some of us struggled with flying our planes, and others of us struggled with designing our planes we all learned a lot from this challenge.  Have you ever done a paper airplane challenge before?

Photos taken by photography volunteers Rian and Safa.  For more information about our paper airplanes and our experiences check out our student blogs where many of us have written a reflection on the process.

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