Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Blogging on the Laptops

On Monday Ms. Lirenman brought the school laptops into the classroom during our writing block so that we could all blog at the same time.  We've used the laptops before but we haven't blogged on them.  At first we sat at our desks blogging away.

Then Ms. Lirenman reminded us that like any other writing block we could write where ever we are most comfortable around the room, as long as we were safe with the laptops.  Here's what happened...

Finally, here are a few pictures of us really concentrating on our blogging.  If you haven't been to our kidblog lately maybe you should check it out. Our writing continues to improve.

Ms. Lirenman was really proud of the way we handled our laptops and she confirmed that they will be back in our classroom again soon.


  1. Wow! That is very cool that you get to use the laptops in your classroom. We would love it if you would be able to teach us how to use the laptops one day. Maybe after Spring Break!

    Mrs. Morrison's Class

  2. We would love to teach you how to use the laptops. We are still learning ourselves but by spring break we should be really good at using them. Division 16

  3. This is fabulous! I love that you all got to choose to blog wherever you felt the most comfortable. What fun! I must say, your writing has really improved! It is hard to believe that you all have only been in Grade one for less than four full months. Keep working hard, Division 16!

    From Trista's mom