Wednesday 23 November 2011

Learning Through the Internet

Today Ms. Lirenman showed us a video of a former student from Miss Dunsinger's 1/2 class at Ancaster Meadow School in Ontario.  The student was in Miss Dunsinger's class last year and is now in grade three.  After attending a comic art class over the summer he taught Miss Dunsinger's class how to draw cartoon characters while she filmed him.   Ms. Lirenman was so impressed with his ability to teach her class, she decided to have him teach us too.  We followed all his instructions as carefully as we could and managed to create our own cartoon characters.  Here are some pictures of us learning from the student via the internet and our smartboard.

The really cool thing about this lesson is that it would never have happened without technology.  Ms. Lirenman has been learning a lot about technology and she's trying to teach us as much as she can with the technology that she has available to her.  Who knows maybe one day we'll get to meet this student via computer so we can thank him ourselves for such a great drawing lesson.  In the mean time we'll just use this blog to say, "thank you!" Here are some of our finished products. Enjoy (we sure did).

Have you ever learned from someone that lives far from you but because of technology you were able to learn from them?  We're curious to hear what you did and how.


  1. Wow!! This is incredible. Thanks for sharing your great work here! I'll make sure to share your post with this student. He'll be so happy that he could teach you too.

    Excellent job everyone!
    Miss Dunsiger

  2. Oh, I remember watching this video and being amazed at what a great artist and teacher this boy was! What a great idea to show your students. We can learn so much from everyone - both near AND far!

    I have a group of moms I learn from every day on the computer. We all have babies born the same month and year, but we live all over the world. If we have any questions, we just ask one another and learn from each other. It's so great to be able to use technology to learn!

  3. Mrs. H it's great to hear that you learn form others over the internet too. There is so much great stuff to learn from one another and the internet is an excellent and easy place to do that. Our class is really enjoying our individual blogs. We are learning from one another too.

  4. Hello Mrs Lirenman What where you waching and what where you daroring?

    From Annalise

  5. Hi Annalise. We were watching a video about a boy teaching us how to draw peanut cartoon characters. In the video he taught us how to draw these cartoon characters and that's what we drew. Thank you for your comment. From Division 16


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