Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Writing from a Web

Today Ms. Lirenman showed us how to use a web to help us expand our writing.  After the lesson we began our writing.  Someone in our class asked if we could write on the big chart paper.  Ms. Lirenman said YES and many of us chose to write on this big paper.  Here are a few pictures of us busy getting down to our writing.  You'll notice that some of us tried to use webs to help us write more interesting sentences.  Many of us really love writing.

Have you ever written on super big paper? What do you like to do you writing on - in a notebook, on small paper, in a booklet, on large paper, or a computer or.....?


  1. I have written on very big paper at home, but not at school. I like to do my writing on normal sized paper because there is just enough room to put my writing on regular sized paper.

    By Trista

  2. Trista you are very lucky to have access to such big paper at home. You also write beautifully all the time. I LOVE reading all your writing. Okay, truth be told, I love reading everyone's writing. The whole class tries so hard with their writing and it makes me so proud. Ms. Lirenman

  3. We like your writing. We think it would be really fun to write on that big paper. Mrs. Morrison writes words for our letter of the week and poems on the big paper. Keep up the good work, Grade Ones!
    Mrs. Morrison Class