Thursday, 8 March 2012

Getting Voice Messages on Our Blog!

Thanks to Ms. Lirenman seeing a blog post written by Mrs. K  in Australia we now have voicemail on our blog - do you see it there at the top of the page? This special widget came from a FREE web based program called  Speak Pipe.  This means that EVERYONE who visits us can leave us voice messages.

Last night we received our first two messages and it was very exciting.  One came from a student in our class (and her mommy too) and the other came from a teacher across the world.  Based on her accent we wonder if  you can guess where she lives.  Anyhow since the web program doesn't easily share the voice messages Ms. Lirenman  decided to record the messages in AudioBoo.

Here are recordings of our first two voice messages.  Please feel free to leave us some more.  Did we mention we love getting comments and messages too!

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