Thursday 1 March 2012

Fit Kids

Today we worked with the wonderful Fit Kids expert grade seven coaches again. Here are a few sample videos Ms. Lirenman took of our time in the gym.  If you check out our individual kid blogs there are more of these wonderful videos.

Please take the time to check out the other videos on our individual blogs.


  1. We liked the way you were exercising. We do exercises, too. We call it In Motion. Where did you get all the equipment?

  2. Dear Mrs. Cassidy's Class, we have a lot of equipment in our gym equipment room. Ms. Lirenman also told us that a few years ago our school won a Wonderbread contest for being an active school. We won over $20,000 worth of gym equipment. We won some pretty cool things. Did you know we have ten parachutes at our school to use in the gym. We have a lot of exciting things to use. Maybe one day you can come to our school and have gym with us too. Division 16


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