Monday, 18 February 2013

Jobs in Our Community - Care Giver

Today one of our dads came in to talk to us about his job. He is a care giver for people with disabilities. He told us about how he takes care of people with special needs. He helps them get to appointments, or to recreational events because without his help they could not get there. He makes sure they are clean and fed. He helps them do so many things they can not do on their own. He makes them smile.

To do this job he had to go to school for one year. His favourite part of the job is knowing that at the end of the day he has helped put a smile on someone's face. His least favourite part of the day is when he has to leave them alone.

Thank you for sharing your job with us. It made us think about what we can do for others and how it makes us feel too. It is important to give back to our community.

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