Wednesday, 6 February 2013

One of Our Favourite iPad Apps Loves Us Too!

Ms. Lirenman has been in contact with the creators of one of our favourite iPad apps Draw and Tell. She was really surprised (and happy) to see that they had written a blog post about using Draw and Tell in the classroom.  The best thing of all though was they highlighted some of our work using Draw and Tell. And not only did they mention our work they also mentioned the work of our friends in Mrs. Wideen's Class in Ontario, and Mrs. Leech's class right here in Surrey. It's so exciting for all of us.  If you're interested you can read their blog post that features some of us here.

If you're a grade one classroom (or kindergarten, or grade two or three) peeking into our classroom we highly recommend you give Draw and Tell a try.

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  1. Wow! How exciting for you! We love Draw and Tell too! We have used it for lots of things just like you have. We watched Kaleb explaining his spelling words. I am encouraging my students to share their thinking and learning too. We are just starting to do that. When you give us examples it helps my kids see what they can do. Thanks for sharing your learning with us!
    Mrs. Betts and her Grade 2 King Cobras.