Saturday, 8 March 2014

Learning About Aboriginal People's Use of Plants

On Thursday, we didn't just have one presentation about Aboriginal culture and tradition, we had two.  Our second visitor was Ms. V.  We first met Ms. V. back in January when she told us about how the First Nations people used cedar in the past and present.  Today we learned about how First Nations People use (and used) plants.  We learned about several different types of plants that can be eaten for food and nutrition.  We learned about wild mushrooms although we know we must never eat mushrooms we find growing unless we speak with an adult first.  We learned about berries and nuts too.

Ms. V told us a lot of interesting stories about how plants are used for survival.  When she was finished sharing with us we each drew pictures of some of the plants we learned about.  Here are some pictures of us hard at work.  If you check out our blogs posts from March  5th under the category socials or science you should find some of our final products and hear us talk about them.

It was great to learn with Ms. V again.  

(Pst... did you notice in one of the pictures above two round tables are pushed together to form an eight? Sometimes so many of us want to work together that we turn our circle tables into crazy eight tables.  Thursday was one of those days.   )

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