Friday 30 October 2015

Pumpkin Explosion

On Thursday afternoon, we decided to make a pumpkin explode with elastic bands. By the end of the day Thursday we had 329 elastics around our pumpkin but it still hadn't exploded. We were worried it would explode overnight.  But it didn't. :-)

Take a look at what happened...


  1. Why did you think wrapping elastic bands around the pumpkin would make it explode? Do you know why it eventually exploded? We would love to hear your ideas!

    Mrs. Betts and her grade 2

    1. Farhan believes the rubber bands pressurized it and then it goes to a point when it can't handle the pressure and then it explodes, or splits in half.

      Quinton thinks that all the elastic bands are compressing the pumpkin and the pumpkin is getting squeezed in on the centre, so then pumpkin blows up.

  2. That is cool! Thank you for showing us. Thank you for making a video. It was awesome!
    Mrs. Cassidy's Class


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