Tuesday 8 December 2015

Coding How to Make Bread Using Scratch Jr

Each Wednesday morning we start our day by putting ingredients into our bread maker so we can enjoy and share fresh bread later in the day.  Last week, after the bread machine was ready to go, we took some time to use the iPad app Scratch Jr to program how to make bread.  Now this may sound like an easy task but trust us, it wasn't.

There was a ton of trial and error. There were math computations to figure out to make sure our spoons went where we wanted them to go.  Some of us figured out how to make ingredients drop from the spoon into the bread maker.  Some of us figured out how to make the spoon tip the "just right" way.  There was a lot of learning going on.

Here are a few examples of some of the coding we did.  You'll notice that on most of our pages we had a few different things we needed to code.

This code is making the ingredient drop into the bread machine at just the right time to match the ingredient moving toward the bread maker. We also programmed the dropping ingredient to disappear into the bread machine.

This code is ensuring that the flour falls from the spoon at the right time, and then disappear after it drops.

This code is programming the scope to make it from the flour to the bread maker and then tip into the bread maker.

This code is making the spoon go up and over to the bread maker, tip into the bread maker, then return back to the beginning and repeat the process four times since we have to add 4 scoops of this ingredient to the bread maker.

This code has the spoon travel from the left to the right side of the page, up the page and then over the bread maker where it tips into the machine

Here are a couple of samples to check out.  Unfortunately when Ms. Lirenman took the products off of our iPads, into dropbox, then on to her iPad so she could record them on her computer, the sound did not transfer.  If you use your imagination you can hear us talking through the steps.


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