Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Spaces Where We Learn

Recently we made some changes in our learning spaces.  Check out what our room looks like now.

We call this the blue table. We keep our bins and our book boxes here. We can also find some supplies here.
This is where we often meet as a group. It's also our library. We have more books behind our project cart too. In case you might be wondering, we love to read and Ms Lirenman loves to spend her money on books for us!

This is another one of our choice work tables and where we can find some of our math, science, and word work tools. Right now our table is covered with our claymation stop motion projects. When they are complete we will share them of course.

This is another area where we can work and where Ms. Lirenman keeps some of her things. We can work in all of these spaces too. Also this is where we keep our wobble stools at the end of the night. Trust us though, they make their way all around our classroom.

This is our mega table. Right now it's decorated for valentines day. We love it because we do our best to squeeze everyone around it. We love it because it's big. You can also see one of our half tables, another great space for use to work.

This is view looking into our building, exploring, creating, and coding area or at least where you'll find tools for those fun activities.  We love to build and create but we also love to code with robots or learn with Osmo.

Here's a closer look at some of the tools we love to learn and explore with. We can usually see right out the window when the blinds are up. Right now they are done.

This is what we see when we walk into our classroom every morning. We can work where we want and we are often creating our own spaces for learning. 
What does your learning space look like?

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