Sunday 16 October 2016

The Trouble Maker by Lauren Castillo

This week we read The Trouble Maker by Lauren Castillo as part of the Global Read Aloud. Children from around the world read the same book as us.

After we read the book Ms. Lirenman gave us a challenge inspired by The Trouble Maker. We were encouraged to create an item that would keep Ms. Lirenman's jewelry safe from any other trouble maker who may come into our class. She also introduced us to the supplies we have in our class maker space.  We could work on our own or in groups but our goal was to create something that would keep Ms. Lirenman's jewelry safe.

Working together to create the ideal hiding spot.
These ladies created a special die that had a place to hide jewlery.

At first we talked in our groups and made a plan on paper.  Some of us are still learning to listen to one another and to share our ideas respectfully.  This was tough for many of us but most of us were able to come up with a plan.

Working together to create something to protect Ms. L's jewelry.

Then we got to work.

Our final creations.
Ask your child to show you and explain theirs to you.

Once our creations were made Ms. Lirenman set up a video conference call with Mrs. DeGroot's class in Iowa. They did a similar activity and so we shared our ideas with them.

While this was only our second video conference of the year so far, it certain is a way that we will continue to learn.

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