Thursday, 9 March 2017

Planting Potatoes

Between recess and lunch today we moved all of our tables and we planted our potatoes.  Here are a few photos from our potato planting adventures.

First, we filled our pots with one bag of soil each.  We were surprised to find out that there were nutrients from fish in our soil but then we remembered that fish help trees and trees help fish. What a great way for us to connect our salmon to our potatoes.

Then Ms. Lirenman added special potato food and we did our best to mix it all in.

We won't lie, it was pretty smelly. 

Next,  we looked at our seed potatoes again and we pulled off the largest bud.

It was now time to plant the seed potatoes into the buckets.  We learned that the potatoes had to be planted 10 cm from the edge and in a hole that was pretty deep too.  We used our rulers to make sure we placed them well.

We planted five seed potatoes in each planter bucket.

Four in, one more to plant.

Finally, we gave the seed potatoes some water and put them in the hallway to start to grow over spring break.

Now we wait and hope that we start to see something after spring break.  Have you ever planted potatoes before?

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