Wednesday, 4 October 2017

We Have Wonders!

This afternoon we went outside to check out our monster made from artifacts from nature.  While we were looking at our monsters this animal flew by and landed on our window.  Boy did we have a lot of questions...


Here are some of our many questions 

Where did this dragon fly come from? 
Does it have eye balls? 
Why are its eyes so big?
How many little eyes does it have?
How big is the dragon fly?
Why does it have a long tail? 
Why does the dragon fly have wings?
Does it have a mouth?
Why does it have blue stripes?
Why does it have big wings?
Why does it have clear wings?
Why does it have long wings?
Why does it have four wings? 
Why does it have stripes?
Why are there so many arms?

Are they arms or are they legs?
Is it a girl or a boy or both?
How do they eat?
What do they eat?
How do they fly?
Is it an adult or is it a child?
Does it hibernate? 
Why do the wings make a chirping sound?
How old is it?
Where does it live?
Where does it sleep?
Does it have a family?
Is it a mom or a dad?
If it has babies, how many babies does it have?
Why did it stay when we got close to it?
Why it come to visit us?
Is it friendly?
Is it poisonous?
Is it homeless?
Where does it sleep at night?
Does it sleep at night?


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